Our Vision is an empowered, self-sustainable, and united East and Central African community within which innovation thrives and new global standards are set.

Our Mission is to develop integrated world-class infrastructure that drives economic growth and unlocks human potential in a holistic way, while protecting and nurturing cultural diversity and the environment.

International cooperation and community empowerment can change the lives of previously vulnerable and marginalized communities.  We believe that by stimulating prosperity, local ownership and inclusivity, we gain greater security and sustainability.

AKL’s mission is to help unlock more than $1 trillion in new growth across East and Central Africa. Read More...

We feel strongly about the impact infrastructure development has upon local communities.  We actively seek opportunities to create holistic infrastructure solutions that are not only commercially viable, but immediately address the variety of serious issues faced by communities, whether it is the lack of water, sanitation, healthcare, agricultural or educational support.

It is also our belief that local businesses play an important part in critical infrastructure development. By working together we are able to utilize and augment local capacity.  This begins with training programmes developed together with both local educational institutions and our global partners.  We then collaborate with and mentor local entrepreneurs on all our projects.  Finally, we pursue supportive investment opportunities within the local community with the aim of fostering a healthier and more diversified economic environment.

AKL’s core values – human rights, environmental protection, job creation, skills transfer and transparent governance – are supported by the U.S. Government, U.K. Governmennt, Government of Kenya and the communities of East and Central Africa.


The two main inhibitors to growth across Africa are a lack of affordable power, and the struggle to move goods and people efficiently and cost-effectively across the Continent.  We are challenged to help unlock this potential and thus empower East and Central Africa to participate equally and sustainably within the global economy.

These challenges require political engagement and structural reform across borders, but they also require the development of large-scale, strategic infrastructure to power growth and facilitate trade.


With our global partners and the Government of Kenya, we have proposed a suite of mutually reinforcing, state of the art infrastructure solutions that will unlock the potential of the East and Central African community.  Our proposal begins with a holistic Masterplan that will integrate our vision for the new Access East Africa Trade Corridor into a comprehensive programme that mitigates impacts and incorporates local communities and businesses all along the Corridor.

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