As part of its core mission, AKL focuses as much on positive social impact as it does on commercial development. Our partners consist of NGO’s, aid agencies, and private sector partners.  Under AKL’s coordination and leadership, we focus resources and programs that are already succeeding into the communities affected by infrastructure development.

These partnerships ensure positive impact is both immediate and sustainable.

Our Social Impact Consortium envisages programs related to clean water, healthcare, education, sewage, access to affordable rural broadband, and sustainable, community-based agricultural initiatives..

Path to Womanhood

Path To Womanhood is an NGO that rescues young women and girls from early marriage and female genital mutilation (“FGM”) by funding their school fees and helping them finish their education so that they are more likely to live empowered, sustainable, and non-victimized lives. PtW support girls through secondary and into tertiary education.


Kila Mwezi

Kila Mwezi is a social enterprise dedicated to providing innovative, effective, affordable, sustainable, and culturally sensitive sanitary products to young women and girls in marginalized communities in Kenya at a subsidized cost, along with training about menstruation and about how to use their sanitary products


AICCAD is a department within the African Inland Church and NGO that empowers vulnerable groups of the society through partnerships and sustainable programs for growth and development.  With a focus on education, they operate 23 childcare centres, have vocationally trained over 1,500 youths, and are currently supporting around 5,000 school children.

Federation of International Touch - Kenya

Federation of International Touch Kenya, is an official representative of F.I.T, the governing body for the sport of Touch Rugby.  F.I.T. Kenya is responsible for providing advice and assistance to Kenya in areas such as coaching and resource development, providing referee and rule resources, coordination and the management of events.  AKL works with F.I.T. Kenya to bring the game of touch rugby to the communities in which we work.


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