We feel very strongly about the impact critical infrastructure development has upon local communities in Kenya.  We actively seek opportunities to create realistic and holistic infrastructure solutions that are not only commercially viable, but immediately address the variety of serious issues faced by communities, whether it is the lack of water, sanitation, healthcare, agricultural or educational support.


The planned Kavuko Power & Social Impact Project, located in Makueni County, Kenya, is a joint venture between AKL and its local partner Crystal Energy Solutions.  The plant will utilise renewable energy sources (solar, biogas and steam) to produce up to 40MW of electricity. These three renewable resources are tied in a symbiotic cycle where they leverage their strengths and weaknesses to ensure maximum electricity generation with no waste by-products. The biogas component of the plant relies in part on human waste.  This is a green, renewable energy facility.

The Project focuses on the following Social Impacts, all of which flow naturally from its primary commercial mission:

  •  Access to clean water
  •  Sewage solutions
  •  Improved public health
  •  Educational opportunities
  •  Affordable broadband connectivity
  •  Sustainable agricultural initiatives





As a founding private sector member of the USAID-Power Africa Initiative, AKL independently funded the development to financial close of the first commercial scale wind farm in Sub Saharan Africa (outside South Africa). During the 6 year development, AKL built close relationships with the community and brought  the 61MW, $150million KWP to a bankable international standard, demonstrated by the facts that at financial close, AKL sold it to a tier one private equity fund and a significant European DFI.  KWP was a Kenya Vision 2030 Flagship Project and was registered under the United Nations' Clean Development Mechanism.  In 2013, it was awarded Project Finance Magazine's African Wind Deal of the Year.

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