Aeolus Kenya Joins The Corporate Council on Africa

Nairobi, Kenya: 20th October 2014

Aeolus Kenya Limited (AKL), a Nairobi based energy and infrastructure development company and a founding private sector member of the U.S. Power Africa initiative, has joined The Corporate Council on Africa (CCA), the leading trade organization developing and strengthening business relationships between the United States and Africa.

“After participating in a number of CCA events during the African Leaders Summit in Washington, D.C. this past August, we realized immediately the value that membership in the CCA brings for African companies looking to partner with American business. We are excited to be a part of this visionary organization,” said AKL CEO Richard Herbert upon the announcement.

AKL identifies and develops energy and infrastructure projects, and related business opportunities, in Kenya and throughout East Africa. It has worked over the past seven years to partner with American businesses and with U.S. Government agencies to promote U.S. trade and investment in the region. Said Mr. Herbert, “We at AKL believe that U.S. involvement in East Africa's development is critical not only because American companies are some of the best in the world at what they do, but because they bring with them American values - such as respect for human development, environmental protection, and anti-corruption - that Africa desperately needs in addition to steel and concrete. Kenya is our home, and we want to help build a home all Kenyans can be proud of.”

“We are delighted to have Aeolus Kenya join CCA”, says Stephen Hayes, president and CEO of CCA. “As an organization, we have made it a priority to promote the membership of African businesses, and Aeolus Kenya, who has partnered with several of our U.S. members for years, is an excellent match.” Twenty percent of CCA's member companies are now headquartered in 12 African countries. Working as corporate neighbors and partners, U.S. and African corporations are increasingly investing in CCA to help make African communities better places to live and work.

“Aeolus Kenya has championed U.S. private sector investment in East Africa since it was founded, and we look forward to helping them build upon their already strong relationships in the U.S., says Hayes.”

About the Corporate Council on Africa

The Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) is a nonprofit, membership-based organization established in 1993 to promote business and investment between the United States and the nations of Africa. CCA is the premier American organization devoted to U.S.-Africa business relations and includes as members more than 180 companies, which represent nearly 85 percent of total U.S. private sector investments in Africa. Visit to learn more. Download PDF Here...


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