The Access East Africa Trade Corridor will be the first of potentially six trade and logistics corridors to be built across Africa over the next two to three decades. Starting in Lamu, on Kenya’s northern coastline, it will open a region of at least nine countries, with a population of over 290 million, whose GDP (purchasing power parity) is currently only $452 billion. Seven of these countries are landlocked and the unrealised human and economic potential is enormous.

The proposed solution begins with a Masterplan for Lamu County and continues along the Lamu Port South Sudan Ethiopia Trade Corridor (“LAPSSET”) that forms the cornerstone for the Access East Africa Trade Corridor.  This Masterplan will establish a comprehensive program of infrastructure development and projects to initiate long-term social and economic growth.

Proposed Suite of Integrated Infrastructure:

  •  Port
  •  Railway
  •  Broadband
  •  LNG Power Plant
  •  Desalination
  •  Crude Oil Export Pipeline

This program of integrated, mutually reinforcing infrastructure projects will seek to deliver state-of-the-art, 21st Century modernisation, whilst mitigating social and environmental impacts (especially with respect to the UNESCO World Heritage Site on Lamu Island).

This will be funded by the private sector, and implemented by a U.S. Consortium of industry leaders – under the guidance of Kenyan National and County Government policy.


On 24 July 2015, at the start of President Obama’s historic visit to Kenya, the U.S. and Kenya signed an unprecedented Infrastructure MOU, providing the Government of Kenya with political, technical, and financial support to facilitate U.S. private sector participation in major, strategic infrastructure projects, including specifically LAPSSET.

The Access East Africa Trade Corridor is vital to unlocking Africa’s otherwise trapped potential.

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