Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Nairobi, Aeolus Kenya Ltd, (“AKL”) is a world-class social impact energy and infrastructure developer.  AKL is a leader in private sector initiatives whose aim is to develop, finance, construct and operate critical infrastructure in Kenya and the East and Central African markets.

Together with its global consortium of commercial partners, AKL brings the highest international standards in innovation, engineering, technology, skill and capacity to Kenya and the East and Central African regions.

AKL identifies and targets infrastructure requirements while listening to the needs of local communities. AKL seeks to unlock human and economic potential and provide local wealth building opportunities that drive local sustainability, giving communities a role and a stake in their development.

As both a Kenyan company and a founding private sector member of the USAID-Power Africa Initiative, AKL is fully committed to develop projects that bring together the shared development vision of both the United States and Kenya.


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